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Empowering you to unlock your full potential

What we eat, how we move our bodies and how we look after our minds are all vital to enable us to realise our full potential. But when you’re busy, or feel stuck in a rut, it’s really hard to find the time or energy to prioritise these things. We’re here to empower you to take back control.

Treating your body to even just one week of whole food plant-based eating can be transformational. We’re not talking juice cleanses or detox diets, but well-balanced meals that will help lift the fog and leave you feeling satisfied, energised and focussed. 

Done for you

Our 5-day Feel Good Food meal boxes include all of your meals, planned, prepped, portioned in biodegradable containers and delivered to your door. All of our meals are homemade in small batches, no mass production, no factories, just passionate people who love food. Our customers say that you can taste the time and care that has gone into every single dish.

Here for you

If all you need is some healthy plant-based back up for those days that you just don’t have time to cook, we can help with that too. Choose from our range of nutritionally balanced plant-based meals in our Mix & Match section. 

Fun for you

Our 14-day online meal plans include: a nutritionally balanced meal plan with detailed macronutrient breakdown for all meals; linked recipes with instructional videos; integrated shopping lists allowing you to add all ingredients to your shopping basket with just one click; realistic time management meaning you will only have to cook every other day. 
Coming soon - e-mail for more info

How New Norm can help

It's bliss. No need to shop, or spend extra money when in the shop on things you don't really need. Really tasty meals ready when you need them and I've lost weight!


I knew that I had to take action but I wasn’t expecting such instantly noticeable results.  After just two days I had more energy and was less bloated.


I regularly receive Norma’s meals. They are delicious & healthy. Recently, she has developed some bespoke meals to support quite a specific diet change. Great service!