Breakfast doesn't have to be boring. Cacao & raspberry porridge recipe

New Norm cacao raspberry & almond porridge recipe

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, i could eat banana porridge everyday for the rest of my life (recipe in earlier blog - 'Healthy sustainable weight loss').

However, i get it some people think that porridge can get a bit boring, but all you need to do is mix up your flavours, no need to turn your back on porridge!!?

Four reasons why porridge is the bomb:

  1. Oats are packed full of fibre so keep you fuller for longer.
  2. It's so diverse, you can make it fresh & fruity, rich and chocolatey, sweet & nutty or you can even go savoury if that's you bag.
  3. It's quick and easy to make and easy to experiment with it to get it just the way you like it
  4. You make it work for your nutrition goals, whether that be low/ high fat, protein or kcals:
    • If you want a low fat porridge make it with water and use fruit to add natural sweetness and flavour. It's surprising how creamy porridge is without milk, but if you do want a little extra creaminess use a low fat plant-based milk, they're all relatively low in fat apart from coconut milk which is quite high fat. 
    • If do want to include some healthy fats in your breakfast then make it with coconut milk and add a nut butter of your choice, you could even top it off with some nutty sprinkles and cacao nibs.
    • Or if you want to up your protein intake then you can do this with nut butters and nuts or if you really want a protein injection then you can add a spoonful of plant-based protein powder, there's loads on the market, it's a bit of a minefield but i'd recommend using one that is made from pea & rice protein to ensure you're getting all 9 essential amino acids.

And maybe this is weird, but for me porridge is the ultimate comfort food, 100% a hug in a bowl! 

If you're still not convinced, just give this recipe a go and see if you can't be convinced!

Cacao, almond & raspberry porridge

50g oats
1 tsp cacao powder
1 tbsp almond butter
1 tsp coconut sugar
300ml almond milk
Handful of fresh or frozen raspberries


  • Combine everything in a large bowl
  • Microwave on full power for 3 minutes stirring halfway 
  • Depending on how you like your porridge, thick or runny add more milk or microwave for a bit longer after the 3 mins
  • Top with flaked almond, extra raspberries or some cacao nibs if you want to make it insta worthy ;-)

Let me know what you think or hit me up with your favourite porridge creations in the comments below, i'm always looking for porridge inspiration!



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