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I’m all about looking for the silver linings of this crazy corona bomb that we’re living through.  I think one of those silver linings is the fact that so many more of us now have the time, or are making the time, to cook from scratch, and even better finding great pleasure and comfort in it.

Connecting with the ingredients that make our meals is so important to enjoying a healthy and sustainable diet. Being more aware of what’s in our food makes us much more likely to make more considered food choices. That’s as true when you’re baking a cake to making a pot of soup. 

Previously it was probably quite rare for you to eat all three meals of the day at home. My bank balance certainly testifies to this from the amount I’ve been spending on groceries the last few weeks! A lot of you probably used to eat lunch; at work, in a café, a meal deal from your local express, or literally grabbing something and eating on the run. Personally, I’m really enjoying the luxury of being able to open the fridge and enjoy either cooking lunch from scratch there and then or building on something that I prepped earlier in the week. Either way it’s home cooked, I know what’s in it and I know it’s healthy. I feel good.

I used to be all about the soup for lunch. I would batch cook a massive pot and then freeze it down into single portions so I could just grab a portion and chuck it in the microwave when I wanted it - super quick, super healthy and super tasty. Now I have a bit more time I’ve been getting more into my salads. I’m not talking all leaf no substance salads, I like my food way too much for that and I have quite a big appetite mid-day. I’m talking really hearty salads with grains, pulses, roasted veg…something to really get your teeth into.

I’ve put together five deliciously satisfying salads that you can easily whip up for lunch. Better yet they all store well in the fridge for up to 3-days so you can make them in advance and even if you do end up having to work over lunch you can still enjoy a really nutritious and tasty meal that will keep you feeling good for the rest of the day.

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Let me know if you made it in the comments below and any adaptations you might have made as well.


Next week, I’ll be bringing you some batch cooking recipes so you can get your freezer filled up with some homemade ready meals for the slightly more chaotic evenings…I know it’s not all calm and serenity at the moment, we’re all having them!









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