Moist & tasty plant-based nut roast

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Christmas is going to be a bit different this year.

Although i've been pretty much plant-based for nearly three years now, I tend to just go with the flow on Christmas day and fill my boots with all the trimmings and avoid the meat.

But this year is different, it's just the two of us having Christmas on our own this year. And as sad as I am not to be spending Christmas with friends and family, I am rather looking forward to cooking my own plant-based Christmas dinner!

So, i thought i'd go traditional...nut roast here we come!

This is my first time cooking nut roast so i've trialled quite a few recipes, borrowed bits from here and there, had a few disasters along the way, but i think i've got to a pretty good place for my Christmas extravaganza so I thought i'd share with you my 2020 nut roast recipe!

plant-based nut roast

Plant-based nut roast

Ingredients (serves 4)

🎅 100g chestnuts (cooked weight - roasted & peeled/shelled)
🎅 100g cooked green lentils⁠
🎅 1 slice wholemeal bread (breadcrumbed)⁠
🎅 1/2 cup walnuts⁠
🎅 1/2 cup cashews ⁠
🎅 1/4 cup sunflower seeds⁠
🎅 1 onion⁠
🎅 3 cloves garlic⁠
🎅 300g chestnut mushrooms⁠
🎅 2 stalks of celery⁠
🎅 2 medium parsnips⁠
🎅 1 tsp sage⁠
🎅 1 tsp thyme⁠
🎅 1 tsp rosemary⁠
🎅 1/4 cup sherry ⁠
🎅 1/2 tsp cloves⁠
🎅 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar⁠
🎅 1 tsp salt⁠
🎅 1/4 tsp black pepper⁠
🎅 2 tbsp flax seed powder ⁠


  1. If you're roasting your own chestnuts, then do this in advance. Lightly criss cross and X on the flat side of the chestnut so it cuts through the shell but doesn't cut the nut's quite easy to feel.
    Place them on a baking tray and roast at 150 degrees for 30mins.
    Allow them to cool.
    Then peel/ shell, they should have opened up a bit on cooking. 
    Roughly 200g of raw chestnuts in shells will give you 100g of peeled cooked chestnuts.
  2. Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees C.
  3. Peel & finely dice the onion, garlic & celery.
  4. Saute in 1 tbsp olive oil until they start to soften.
  5. Roughly chop the mushrooms and add these to the pan to reduce down.
  6. Peel and grate the parsnips.
  7. Add to the pan and allow the parsnip to reduce down slightly as well.
  8. Add the salt, rosemary, sage, thyme and cloves to the pan.
  9. Once all the veg has reduced slightly add 1/5 cup sherry and let that evaporate off.
  10. Remove from heat.
  11. Meanwhile roughly chop the chestnuts and add to a bowl. 
  12. With a food processor, blitz the cashew nuts, walnuts and sunflower seeds to get them to a roughly chopped nuts - you don't want a fine mill, keep some chunky bits of nut in there. 
  13. Add these to the bowl along with the breadcrumbs, cooked green lentils, balsamic vinegar and flax seed powder.
  14. Mix well.
  15. Then add the sautéd veg to the bowl and mix thoroughly until you have a moist and malleable consistency.
  16. Line & grease a 2lb loaf tin.
  17. Fill the loaf tin with the nut roast mixture and then compact it down with the back of a spoon.
  18. Oven cook at 180 for 35-40 minutes. 
  19. Remove from the oven and turn out from the tin. But hold off slicing until it has cooled slightly or it's likely to crumble!

After a few less than perfect attempts I've had surplus nut roasts kicking about for the past few weeks, therefore I've also discovered that they are entirely freezable! So this little picture you see here is going to be my actual Christmas dinner! (along-side ALL the trimmings obviously!) 🎄

Check out this weeks cook-along where I make this recipe LIVE so you can see if you want to give it a go yourself!

Drop me a comment below if you try this recipe or share your creations on instagram @newnorm_plantbased would love to hear how you get on!

Until next week, eat well, stay well and keep it plant-based 😘


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