Spicy bean burger

Spicy bean burger


It's surprisingly difficult to make the perfect bean burger. So often they're either soggy, dry, too spicy or bland. If you've followed a million recipes and still haven't been able to make a decent vegan burger then you're not alone!

What makes this recipe different then? 

Well, i've been there and after the disappointment of every terrible burger, i've used it as fodder to create what I believe to be a pretty damn fine bean burger. So good in fact we sell it in our Feel Good Food meal plan and our Mix & Match range of frozen ready meals. So this one is indeed tried and tested by many!

Well without further ado, i'm going to get straight into it.

Spicy bean burger with wedges

Spicy bean burger 

Ingredients (makes 4 burgers):

🍔  1x red onion 
🍔  1x clove garlic
🍔  1/2 tsp salt
🍔  1 tbsp olive oil 
🍔  45g breadcrumbs
🍔  240g black beans (cooked & drained weight)
🍔  1/2 tbsp chickpea flour 
🍔  45g oats 
🍔  1 tsp oregano
🍔  1/2 tsp chilli (more if you like things spicy)
🍔  1 tbsp soy sauce
🍔  1x medium carrot
🍔  20g parsley or coriander
🍔  40g sunflower seeds


  1. First saute your onions & garlic in a drizzle of olive oil over a medium heat. I would recommend slicing the onion so the saute nice and quickly, but you don't need to worry about dicing them as you are going to blend them later on. 
  2. If you are making your breadcrumbs, do this now in your food processor.
  3. Next add the drained and rinsed black beans to the food processor and blend briefly with the breadcrumbs. Less than 1 minute should do it, you want to keep some of the beans intact.
  4. Now add the chickpea flour, oats, oregano, chilli, soy sauce and sauted onions and blend for a further 60 secs to combine and breakdown the onions.
  5. Now transfer this blended mixture to a bowl. 
  6. Grate the carrot and add that to the bowl.
  7. Finely chop the parsley or coriander and add that to the bowl along with the sunflower seeds.
  8. Now mix everything together. I tend to get stuck in with my hands to bring it altogether and make sure everything is well mixed through. 
  9. Once you're happy it's all well combined, split the mixture into quarter. In the palm of you hand roll a dense ball of mixture and then flatten the top (repeat four times).
    You want the burger to be quite small and thick, this means you'll get a nice crispy outside without the centre getting too dry. 
  10. Place the patties on a non-stick oven tray and bake at 175 degrees for 15-20 mins gently flipping half way. 
  11. You'll know they're done when they are a nice golden brown with a crisp top and bottom. 

If you want to watch me cook these live to pick up all the top tips then you'll find us here.

I absolutely love seeing your creations so please tag me in a photo if you make this recipe.
Or comment below and let me know how it goes!

Until next week 😘

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