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I’m in my second year of business. That means that my marketing plan is shaky and the time to execute it is slim to none, tell me I’m not alone! But what has really helped us get off the ground and continues to be our main source of new customers is reviews and recommendations.


I often ask people to leave a review on our facebook or google pages if they liked the food, the service and like what we’re trying to do. Many of you lovely people have left glowing reviews, thank you so much, it really does mean the world to me. But I also know that it takes time and I’ll be honest, it’s rare that I myself will actually take the time to leave a review for a company, even having just said how important it is to me. I guess it’s because it does takes time and I never really know what to say.


I’m curious, what is it that will prompt you write a review?


  • Is it simply being asked because you wouldn’t think to leave a review otherwise?
  • Is it exceptional customer service?
  • Exceptional product?
  • An incentive?
  • Having someone in mind that you think would like it or benefit from it, so you’re directly recommending rather than reviewing as such?


The last company that I left a review for was Freddies Flowers. And when I think about why I took the time to leave that review I guess it was a combination of all of the above. Every interaction on my customer journey was great:


  1. A promo guy with a bike and a bunch of flowers outside Tesco in Morningside tried to get me to subscribe to a flower delivery right there on the spot, I had never even heard of Freddies Flowers before. He was actually quite pushy to be honest, but never the less charming and I walked away with a smile on my face remembering Freddies Flowers.
  2. A few weeks later I succumbed, I can’t really remember why, I think I had a couple of birthdays coming up and you could switch the delivery address, so it seemed quite good value, besides, the idea of getting flowers delivered made me happy. It was a pretty slick sign up process and I was feeling all excited because I had some flowers on the way.
  3. My flowers arrived, I was delighted. There were some refer a friend codes in the box and I was very quick to share them and post about my lovely flowers on social media.
  4. A month later I unsubscribed because I realised that I couldn’t afford a weekly flower delivery! I received the nicest call asking why I left, it wasn’t pushy, I told them that I loved the service and I’d already been recommending them to all my friends but I just couldn’t afford it right now. Again, I left the call with a smile on my face; she was so lovely.


I left Freddies Flowers a glowing review, and continue to recommend them even though I no longer subscribe to their service. Ultimately I guess my reason was because they repeatedly made me happy.


So that’s my aim as well, to make you happy. We want to make our customers happy every time they engage with us.  If we’ve succeeded, even once, please leave us a review or spread the word in whatever way works for you. We really are incredibly grateful to every one of you that says good things about us…keep talking, keep telling people!


If you have someone in mind that might be interested in our service, please do recommend us. If they use the discount code REFER when ordering online they will get 15% OFF and you will get 2 FREE meals in your next order.


Here’s a few glowing reviews to whet the appetite: 

The grab & go backup plan was delicious, filling, and took the pressure off deciding what to cook! All the food was amazing but I think the cashew and spinach stew was my favourite! This is a great way to explore a more plant-based diet. Shipping was fast and packaging is as low-waste as possible. PS. Don't worry about getting hangry - the portions are HUGE! ☺️
Allison, Leeds

I was sceptical about trying a plant based diet but this was seriously delicious. There was not a single meal I didn't enjoy and I have to say that aubergine dip OMG.... I could eat that morning, noon and night 😍
Kerry, Edinburgh 

I regularly receive Norma’s meals. They are delicious and healthy. Recently, Norma has been developing some bespoke meals to help support a diet change allowing me to eat healthily far more easily than otherwise might be the case. Great service!
Matthew, Edinburgh 

Love this idea, ideal for single people or those making the change to a vegan lifestyle. Food has been delicious, I trialled the 5 day cleanse and restore and was extremely pleased with the order. Would recommend trying it out if you are unsure.
Karen, Bristol

I have just finished the 14 day cleanse and detox and so happy to have lost a massive 8lbs !!! I feel really great my skin feels amazing and have loads more energy. The meals are so yummy and filling that I’ve also ordered the grab and go packs , it’s a great start to kick off my weight loss thanks Norma xx
Jacqui, Linlithgow

The meals are fresh and taste of good quality ingredients, easy and ready to eat for people on the go or at work. The snacks are delicious also.👍
Laura, Glasgow


If you’ve bought a meal plan from us before, tried our food at an event or we’ve catered for you, then please do let us know what you thought, either on


search New Norm plant based Edinburgh on google and leave us a review there


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