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Our interactive meal planning tool provides you with everything you need to enjoy a fuss free week of nutritionally balanced, delicious, plant-based eating.

If you enjoy cooking, would like to eat more plant-based, but don't know where to start, then this is for you! We've carefully curating a 5-day meal plan that is nutritionally balanced, varied, easy to follow, minimises the time you spend cooking and full of delicious inspiration to get you excited about a new way of eating. 
What you'll get: 
  • 5-day meal plan; fully considered and nutritionally balanced including 3 meals & 2 snacks every day.
  • 20x plant-based recipes; with macronutrient breakdown & instructional videos. 
  • Detailed shopping list; making it easy to shop your store cupboards first.
  • 3x video prep sessions; that you can follow along with. You'll be surprised by how much you can prep in a couple hours!
  • A cooking schedule; that will minimise cooking time giving you at least 2 cook free days.
  • Leftovers; we purposely plan for cooking a bit extra so you can freeze the leftovers and have some healthy back up.
  • Personalised daily e-mails; for the duration of the meal plan with reminders to ensure you don’t miss a thing. And a real person at the other end ready to answer any questions.
  • Members only facebook community; where you’ll find additional motivation and inspiration.

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