About us

Our mission is to make people more conscious of their food choices and promote a positive relationship with food. 

The motivation behind New Norm is seeing the transformation that a healthy lifestyle can have on holistic wellbeing: seeing someone become more confident, do more, smile more, laugh more…free from the cycle of weight loss and gain which puts a strain on our physical and mental health.

Introducing more plant-based nutrients into our diets can help us find this new norm.  By fuelling our bodies with nutritious whole foods, we feel more satisfied, have more balanced energy, more motivation and ultimately feel better.

Healthy, happy, holistic.

Why Soup? 

You might have noticed a soup theme throughout our plans. Soup allows us to get a large quantity and wide range of nutrients into our body in one comforting meal.  Unlikely juice, where the fibre of the fruit is separated from the sugars leading to sugar highs and lows, the vegetable fibres in soup remain intact which helps our digestive system process all of the essential nutrients.

So not only are the soups delicious, filling and comforting but you can also be safe in the knowledge that they are packed full of essential nutrients to help nourish and heal your body.


Fresh, local, organic

This is our mantra and we do our utmost to ensure all our ingredients tick all three boxes.

We source local suppliers from Edinburgh and the East Coast to reduce food miles wherever possible.


Carefully crafted

All of our meals are home-made so the vegetables might not be perfectly chopped into 2cm chunks and our energy balls might not be perfect spheres, but nor are they processed. This means that we can make sure all of those lovely nutrients are locked in rather than lost during processing.


Frozen for freshness  

Most of our meals will arrive with you frozen, we do this to ensure they are as fresh as possible when you eat them.  We cook with fresh ingredients and freeze them fast to ensure the nutrients are locked in.