Cleanse & Restore

If you want to kick start a healthier lifestyle but are daunted by the prospect of it, then our Cleanse & Restore plan is for you. We’ve carefully planned out 3x meals, 2x snacks and 3x teas every day to ensure you enjoy a healthy balance of macro nutrients and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals to keep you nourished from the inside out. But not just that we’ll make sure your taste buds are tantalised and your stomach is satisfied.

The structure of this plan is great to help you kick any bad habits and set sustainable health focussed intensions. We’ve had some wonderful testimonials from customers who have lost weight, increased their energy levels and made sustainable changes to their diet with our Cleanse & Restore meal plan.

Our cleanse & restore meal plan comes as a 3, 5 or 7 day plan depending on how much structure you would like or how much of a commitment you want to make.